hi, welcome to dillon's little internet world!

i'm dillon and i'm a british developer, gamer and music enjoyer!!

- about me

i'm a developer who makes fun stuff! i grew up in england and studied history, spanish and computer science for my gcse's. currently, i study immersive design and development and am working on my own game in the little free time i have :D

i also like playing games a lot, my favourite is celeste but i enjoy lots more, such as ys viii, undertale, ori and the blind forest, stardew valley and animal crossing.

- my areas

you can find me on all sorts of places around the internet, here are some that you might find interesting:

- my music

i'm a big fan of music, you can checkout my last.fm or spotify to see exactly what i listen to!

my favourite type of music is 90s/00s alt rock and indie although i like some 80s and 00s stuff too. here's some of my favourite artists & an album from each:

- my projects

unfortunately, most of my good projects either don't work anymore or are private :( don't worry, there's always more to come!

my favourite public project is probably Emojigram - if you like puzzles, go check it out!!

- contact me

want to reach out for a chat? you can contact me with any of the methods below!